photo: Jen Painter 

“…invites audiences to experience heritages that are simultaneously global and local”
-NY Times

Georgian-born singer and guitarist Ilusha Tsinadze [ცინაძე] brings his multicultural story of dreams and discovery to the stage through a captivating take on Georgia’s venerable music traditions.

At the age of 8, Ilusha immigrated to New York, leaving behind the Georgian Civil War – yet taking with him a rich cultural history that has remained an essential part of his own. Known today for his warm stage presence and soulful voice, Ilusha invites audiences to see through his eyes as he introduces village songs into conversation with the global city. Hauntingly beautiful Georgian melodies interweave with contemporary American musical elements: a mirror of living with one foot in New York City, the other in a little nation on the Black Sea.

Since releasing his debut album Deda Ena (Mother Tongue) in 2011, Ilusha has gained a loyal following through US tours, and national fame in Georgia with festival and TV performances.

Ilusha’s new album, slated for release later this year features some of New York’s most vibrant world music players as well as revered musicians in Georgia. His collaborators include, Kyle Sanna (co-producer, arranger for Yo-Yo Mama and Bela Fleck), clarinetist Peter Hess (Slavic Soul Party, Balkan Beat Box), and Georgian based musicians, Ketevan Mindorashvili of the Zedashe ensemble and members of the Rustavi and Basiani choirs.